“This book will truly awaken the athlete in you”

” From Jordan to Lebron, to Messi, Buddha was a Baller covers all the greats and how they unlock their high level of performance. “

About The Author

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AUTHOR, BUDDHA WAS A BALLER: How To Awaken The Athlete Inside You

TECH ENTREPRENEUR & Founder of MindSport iPhone App


Ryan Stock is a tech entrepreneur, former NCAA college basketball athlete with over 15 years of basketball coaching experience who has studied meditation, mindfulness and has combined his findings and personal journey into a new book, BUDDHA WAS A BALLER: How To Awaken The Athlete Inside You. Available Oct. 23 in hardback and e-book formats everywhere that books are sold, this new book brings together Buddha’s best meditation teachings, brain health science and basketball coaching experiences into one easy-to-read book that athletes of all levels can benefit from.

Partially autobiographical, the book details a difficult time period in Stock’s life that led him to change careers and forever change his mind state. Throughout the book, Stock discusses his personal experiences struggling with anxiety, depression and a lack of true peace and happiness—something that is frowned upon in society, and even more so in the sports world. Eager to change his life and prevent a mental breakdown, Stock turned his hardships into a revolutionary moment. He immediately resigned from his coaching position at X University and started on a journey of studying meditation from the world’s best monks and mindfulness programs. On the verge of completing a one-year certification program from UCLA’s Mind Practice Program, Stock is excited to share his new book with new and seasoned athletes, featuring insights from the best athletes and Buddha’s meditation techniques.

Meditation practice is now a fundamental part of Stock’s everyday life and his goal is that through his personal testimony accompanied with easily digestible and tangible mindfulness techniques, athletes can learn to better manage their mental health and therefore achieve better athletic agility, focus and success.

Upon reading Buddha Was a Baller, readers can implement daily mindfulness practices into their lives with the assistance of MindSport, the number one mindfulness iPhone app for athletes. MindSport was founded and funded by Stock and is quickly becoming the go-to mindfulness app for high school and collegiate basketball players.

With a Master’s Degree from Pittsburg State University and several meditation programs under his belt, Stock is also working one-on-one with college and professional athletes and organizations as an athlete meditation mentor. His ultimate goal is to prioritize and improve mental health management in the sports arena.


“This book can easily help new and seasoned athletes improve their mental health and achieve new heights of athletic success.”

Frank Gusto
“This book will help you identify thoughts that are not benefiting you and provide you principles to retrain your brain. You can read this book in one sitting and it may have monumental affects on your happiness on and off the basketball court.” 

Mark Jance
Athletes and coaches that are mentally and emotionally drained can use the teachings in Buddha Was a Baller to improve their life and
athletic careers.